Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bootcamp, sharing data between OSX and XP with 3 partitions - Detailed (Long!) Version

This is how to install bootcamp and end up with one OSX Partition (NFS+), one XP partition (the preferred NTFS system) and one MS-DOS Fat32 Data partition that both operating sytems can read/write to.

If you have already set up bootcamp you will probably have to reformat and start again, these instructions assume that you are going to do a clean/fresh re-install.

If you have not installed bootcamp/xp and are happy with your OSX install then you can skip the first section, you wont lose any of your data.

These instructions ended up being way longer than expected, there is an cut down version for advanced users above.

These are full instructions for users who have no experience of windows or OSX, these are for the MacBook Pro but I'm pretty sure they will be exactly the same for all intel macs.

Re-installing OSX to original state (skip this if you only have osx and haven't installed bootcamp.)

. Insert OSX Disk 1
. Boot the system, after the 'ding' sound press and hold the "C" key until the Grey Apple logo appears.
. Select your language, on the next 'Welcome to the Mac os X Installer screen click 'Contiune'.
. Select your destination disk, ensure there is only one disk here, if not partition your disk to one partition using Disk Utility (from the top menu)
. If you want to erase your data then select 'Options' - Select 'Erase and Install' - 'Continue'.
. Choose your install options, if you select Customise then you can choose to just install the Base System (without all the bundled software).
. When finished you will be booted into OSx

. Boot into OSX, install all software and firmware updates. (System Preferences - Software Update)
. Copy/Download Bootcamp
. Double click the .dmg file
. A new window opens, click the BootCampAssistant.pkg file.
. Select Destitation - Next - Continue
. If you have not created the Apple Drivers CD for Windows XP then go to HDISK/Applications/Utilites/Bootcamp Assistant, Create the CD, BUT DO NOT CONTINUE AND PARTITION YOUR DISK, exit from BootCamp Assistant


We then create the 3 partitions:

. Goto HDISK/Applications/Utilites/Terminal
. type 'diskutil list'
. Press enter

You should see something like this:

Last login: Wed May 17 10:35:23 on console
Welcome to Darwin!
rich-greens-computer:~ richgreen$ diskutil list
#: type name size identifier
0: GUID_partition_scheme *93.2 GB disk0
1: EFI 200.0 MB disk0s1
2: Apple_HFS HD 92.8 GB disk0s2
#: type name size identifier
0: Apple_partition_scheme *144.7 MB disk3
1: Apple_partition_map 31.5 KB disk3s1
2: Apple_Driver_ATAPI 4.0 KB disk3s2
3: Apple_HFS Boot Camp Assistant 144.6 MB disk3s3

Note the name of /dev/disk0 volume 2 (it will more than likely be disk0s2 as here)

Then type the following :

sudo diskutil resizeVolume disk0s2 21G "HFS+" Data 50G "MS-DOS FAT32" XP 21G

NOTE: you have to adjust the above line to suit your system, the numbers must add up to the size of your disk (not exactly though) I have the 100G disk, it works out to be 92.8Gb.
I have set aside 21G for OSX, 50G for the shared data named "Data" and 21G for XP named "XP"

To get this to all work you have to first format the shared volume to be a format that windows doesn't recognise, hence the "HFS+" volume, trust me.

Press enter

You should see a screen like this:

We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System
Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:

#1) Respect the privacy of others.
#2) Think before you type.
#3) With great power comes great responsibility.

enter your password (or leave it blank for no password) press enter

You should see the following:

Started resizing on disk disk0s2 HD
Resizing Volume
Adjusting Partitions

Finished resizing on disk disk0s2 HD
You will need to manually reformat your new partitions.
WARNING: You must now reboot!

Eject the osx disk and insert the Windows XP one (before you do this ensure you have the serial number to hand and its not on the disk!)


As it reboots as soon as it 'beeps' hold the "C" key.

Windows install should start

To set up windows press 'Enter'
F8 to agree with license

Select the last partition "D" format this NTFS (quick is fine)

As windows installs it will reboot.

Just after it reboots and you here the 'beep' hold the option key down (the alt key next to the left apple one)

You should see two hard disks icons and one CD icon, select the CD one.

Windows continues to install

When finished you should be booted into windows, you can now install the drivers from the CD you created earlier, or skip it and do it later.

After Windows has installed, swap the CD's so OSX Install Disk is back in the drive, to eject the CD in windows, go Start - My Computer. Select the CD and in the left hand menu yo should see 'Eject'

Reboot and hold "C" after the beep to boot into the OSX set up.

Using Disk Utility from the 'Utilities' menu, Select the 'Data' partition (the second one in the list), select "MS-DOS FAT32" from the drop down and click 'Erase'

That's it, phew.


Anonymous cenko said...

Hi Rich,
Nice tutorial, i would like to install XP this way but got one question: how can i restore the original configuration (OS X only) with the terminal?

9:53 am  
Blogger rich said...

Do you mean keep the OSX install or re-install it from scratch?

If you want to re-install completly then just boot from your OSX disk (hold "C" when you boot)

If you want to keep your OSX install, go to Terminal and type "diskUtil list" post your results here and i'll see if I can help you

10:14 am  
Anonymous cenko said...

Sorry I didnot answer earlier.
I meant keeping the OS X install.
Because of so much work I still got no time to install XP with 3 partitions. If it's done (hopefully this weekend) I will run diskutil and post the results.

9:28 am  
Anonymous Michael said...

Hi, thanks for your instructions. I did everything as posted, my FAT32 partition is 30G, Windows and OSX boot nicely, and I can see bothe the Windows NTFS and the FAT32 exchange partition from OSX.

However, in Windows, I can see the FAT32 partition in Disk manager only, but not in Explorer (no drive letter is assigned and I cannot assigne one manually). In Disk Manager, the FAT32 partition shows up as FAT32 Healthy (unknown partition)...

Any ideas?

8:41 am  
Anonymous Ranjeet Sodhi said...

Same problem as Michael - I can see the partition as a Fat32 partition in the Disk Manager within XP, but not otherwise... additionally, disk manager suggests that the partition is Healthy.

4:22 am  
Blogger rich said...

hmm. I was so tired when I completly the last stage i've forgotten exactly how it did it.

If you boot onto the OSx disk 1 (hold "C" when you boot) and run disk utility from there, can you reformat the disk MS-DOS FAT32?

1:49 pm  
Anonymous Ranjeet Sodhi said...

nevermind... thanks for your help. Good article, but the shared data drive wasn't visible no matter what I did... I finally made the mistake of trying to format it within XP - that messed up the master boot record, where in OSX told me that I had a 14GB partition while XP told me I had a 17GB partition; additionally, files I copied into that partition were visible only in the OS that initiated the file copy.

Finally trashed everything and reverted back to a single partition with OS X followed by setting up BootCamp and letting it create the second XP partition. Now I am using my IPod as a shared data drive as needed.

8:53 pm  
Anonymous Michael said...

@Rich: yes, I tried it both ways: I formatted it using diskutil's eraseVolume command but also using OSX boot disk's disk utility.

Formatting works fine in the sense that the partition is FAT32 afterwards and is usable from OSX - but not from XP.

In the windows registry (key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\MountedDevices
the partition shows up as expected and (curiously) even has an associated drive letter. It's just not visible in Windows explorer (meaning it's not accessible from XP), and disk manager shows it as healthy (unknown partition)...

Maybe this happens in some configurations but not in others. FYI: My drive is 120GB, with 55 for OSX, 30 for exchange, and some 26 for XP.

9:17 am  
Anonymous Michael said...

Well, after some more trial and error, now it works. I doubt all of them are necessary, but these were the steps I took (all in Disk Utility form the OSX startup disk):
1) erase the partition and format it as Unix partition
2) reboot to windows just to see that its Healthy and unknown. Most probably these two steps are not required.
3) In disk util, unmount and erase/format as MS-DOS (FAT32). I don't think this step is the important one, either.
4) In disk util, repair the FAT32 partition (although verify reports everything's fine).
5) reboot to Windows. The new partition appears as G: and drive letter can be reassigned to D:

12:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried to resize my HD as you described:
sudo diskutil resizeVolume disk0s2 74.8G "HFS+" Data 9G "MS-DOS FAT-32" System 9G.

But I always get the following error-message:
"Resizing encountered error The underlying task reported failure on exit (-9972) on disk disk0s2 Macintosh HD"

Any idea, what I´m doing wrong?


12:52 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try "MS-DOS FAT32" not "FAT-32" (remove the '-'. Also for resizing with 74.8G + 9G + 9G (92.8G), your "disk0s2" should be at least 92.8 + .2G = 93G Large.
Use the "diskutil list" command to see the actual size of "disk0s2"

4:37 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually i did use "FAT32" not "FAT-32", but that wasn´t the problem.
there was something wrong with the HD.
I "shift-booted" into "Safe Boot Mode", which runs Disk First Aid. which solved the prob.

thanks anyway

2:59 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I realize that this is pretty much common sense but I figured I'd write it for others, like me, who feel better following directions. After booting from the CD and formatting the partition you should reboot and choose the Windows HD to continue the installation. Choosing the CD just starts the process over again (but you can quit the installation and then select the Windows HD).

5:24 pm  
Anonymous Juanito said...

Following Michael's steps I still can't read the shared partition within XP. I think I really tried everything, I even deleted and recreated the partition within XP but now I can't format it properly...

I'm about to give up, I'Ve been messing with this for over a week now, I think I'll have to buy a USB drive or something because I really need Windows for some major stuff.

9:57 am  
Blogger gwaka said...

can you make a partition with a external hardrive. I have a 60GB macbook and i also have an 100 GB external hard drive. Can I make my shared folder the 100GB external hard drive

8:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had the same problem as Michael - cannot see the shared partition from XP. After lots of browsing on various forums, the toold pedit32 will help. Download it (google around), launch and change the type of the shared partition to 0B (zero B). This will change its type to FAT32. After doing this, both WinXP and OSX see the drive. Perfect!

11:05 pm  
Anonymous Flapflap said...

For info PTEDIT32.exe can be find here :

Works great for me (change Type and reboot)

Thanks for this great info and tutorial

2:59 pm  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Rich
Just wondering if it will all work the same way if i install Vista as opposed to XP.
please email me

12:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Rich,

I'm using a MacBook Pro with three partitions:
Macintosh HD: HFS+
DATA: Fat32

I've installed this using your guide.

XP got all buggy on me (I think it has to do with the device-drivers, since I kept hearing those "device-removed/device-added"-kaploinks) and decided to reinstall XP.

However, after reformating the XP drive, copying installation files (first step in the installation process) and rebooting I get a disk error and can't continue the installation. OSX boots fine (thank god), but my XP partition (that I used to be able to see) is gone. In Disk Utility it's marked as disk0s4 and is unmountable.

Googling around I found this post, which kind off confirmed my suspicions:

Together with this portion of your guide:

To get this to all work you have to first format the shared volume to be a format that windows doesn't recognise, hence the "HFS+" volume, trust me.

I guess I somehow need to hide my Fat-32 DATA partition from the XP installation-process.

Am I right in this assumption?
Do you know a way of doing this, without reformating my DATA partition? I can back it up, but I'm really not a fan of such drastic measures (yeah, I'm a wimp, so sue me).
Is there something else that I could be doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance for any help!


12:48 pm  
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