Thursday, May 18, 2006

UK AOL Broadband without AOL Software with AOL Broadband 200 Modem

This is really straight forward in XP, I use the network connection but if you are using USB you will have to install the drivers first.

This also works for the BT Voyager modem that BT supplies.

After setting this all up you can use the Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) to share your internet or make it wireless.

1) Go Start - Connect to - Show all connections

2) In Networks Tasks (Left hand panel) choose 'Create a new connection' - Click Next

3) Choose 'Connect to the Internet'- Click Next

4) Choose 'Set up my connection manually' - Click Next

5) Choose 'Connect using a broadband connection that requires a username and password' -
click Next

6) Type anything you want in ISP Name like 'AOL Sucks'

7) User name is your AOL username + like ''

8) Password, YOUR PASSWORD MUST BE 8 CHARACTERS OR LESS, if you need to set up a new screen name.

9) It's up to you if you select 'Use this account name and password.." and 'Make this the default Internet Connection' - Click Next

10) Choose 'Add a shortcut to my desktop' (optional) - Click Finish

To connect just double click the desktop shortcut.

I got this to work fine on my MacBookPro under OSX too, that was pretty straight forward too.


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